Maura Conry

Artist Statement

My work springs from a deep well of unique life experiences that emerge and reveal themselves in visual symbolism. It tells of lives past lived and long-gone roads traveled. Most particularly, it deals psychological imagery with strong Jungian nuances. I use layered imagery from religion, biology, pharmacy, science, psychotherapy, and the social sciences in all of which I am formally trained. My eleven years as a Roman Catholic nun provided a very broad education, and spiritual and religious themes still invade my art work from that period of my life.

My creative home has been in the Midwest for decades, but New Orleans birthed me. Growing up in the bayous of Louisiana launched my life and led me down many divergent paths. In my youth, I became a religious where I was trained as a pharmacist, but wanted to "become an artist." As soon as I left the convent, I spent four glorious years studying Fine Arts at University of Houston. Marriage brought me a son, a move to Kansas City, and a divorce leaving me to raise my son and nurture my art at the same time. All of these universal experiences significantly impact my work and present themselves in its rich and diverse imagery. The "Goddess of Chemotherapy" series comes from drawings I relegated to my sketchbook during a period of illness many years ago.

I love fleshing out the deeper meaning of things, and how to visually represent complex human archetypes. At the present time, I'm in the throes of creating a series of very large drawings with strong psychological themes for a show scheduled for an area gallery in March 2011.

Artist Resume

Selected Exhibitions:

Transcendence, Vala Gallery (Familiar Faces), Overland Park, KS

(One artist show)

The Human Figure in Pen and Ink, Unitarian Gallery, Kansas City, MO

(One artist show)

Color and Field, Shawnee Mission Medical Center, KS

(One artist show)

Ink Drawings, The Human Figure, Park College, Parkville, MO

(One artist show)

Kansas City Artists Coalition, Group Shows, Kansas City, MO

Self Image, Batman Gallery, Kansas City, MO

(Three artist show)

Small Works, Batman Gallery, Kansas City, MO

KCAC Group Show, Albrecht Museum, St. Joseph, MO

Mid Four, Nelson Adkins Museum, Kansas City, MO

Male/Female, Donald Batman Gallery, Kansas City, MO

(One artist show)

Kansas City Municipal Arts Commission, Eller Billboard, MO

(Ten artists on billboards chosen to represent KCMO)

Selected Artists, Mulvane Art Center, Topeka, KS

Selected Painters, Mulvane Art Center, Topeka, KS

Artists Choose Artist, University of Missouri, MO

Thirty Miles of Art, Nelson Atkins Museum, Kansas City, MO

Heritage Kansas City, Kansas City, MO

Area Artists, Kansas City Museum of Natural History, KCMO

Printmakers Four, North Carolina Arts Association, Raleigh, NC

(Four artists chosen to represent the State of NC)

Fitz-Clary Gallery, Houston, TX

(One artist show)

Dallas Summer Arts Festival, Dallas, TX

Dimension IV, Art League of Houston, Houston, TX

Baytown Annual Art Show, Houston, TX

Area Artists, Art League of Houston, Houston, TX

Official Traveling Show, University of Houston, Houston, TX

M. Conry Current Works, Fitz-Clary Gallery, Houston, TX

(One artist show)

Art Scholarships and Awards:

Municipal Arts Commission, Eller Billboard Project, Kansas City Artists, KCMO

Printmakers Four Exhibition, Raleigh, NC, Represented State of North Carolina

Art League of Houston, TX Second Place painting

Dimensions IV, Houston, TX Honorable Mention

Dallas Summer Arts Festival, Fourth Place out of 1000 entries, Dallas, TX

Tische-Gotteringer Scholarship, Dallas, TX to U. of Houston, School of Fine Arts


Relevant Education: 

University of Houston, TX Fine Arts

Kansas City Art Institute, MO

Johnson County Community College, KS

Bennett-Marak Studios, MO

Lowell Collins School of Art, Houston, TX

Loyola University, LA


Interesting Stuff:

Early reviews list artist as "Mary Conry" Name changed Mary to Maura in 1990 as a "birthday present to myself."

On of First Founding Members of the Kansas City Artists Coalition, Served on first Board 1975-82.


More available upon request...





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